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My Honest Review of this Blue Cow Beauty Soap

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I have been using this soap for almost 6 months now since my skin is pretty sensitive that I couldn’t try some other brands but this. Honestly speaking, I was very amazed by this product. It helps my skin healthy, smooth and hydrated. You can even use this for your private parts. It smells so nice and fresh. What I also like about this Blue Cow Brand Soap is that it uses pure milk and milk fat as its main ingredients, along with squalene moisturizer, rich and soft foams.

Effectivity of this product

  • Rich in moisturizers to help eliminate fine lines cause by ageing.
  • Helps eliminate Body Odors as it contains a refreshing Jasmine fragrance.
  • Contains Milk to keep your skin moist and fresh after being washed.

Highly recommended soap for sensitive skin like me. It’s cheap but a great natural bar soap. This is the best soap with natural ingredients at a very affordable and decent price (¥88) compared with any other natural product.

Price- ¥88

How to use:

Make sure that your hands are clean before touching it. Work the soap into a nice lather and apply it to your face and body. Gently massage it into your skin & Make sure you don’t scrub so hard that might irritate the skin. Rub it with love! Whitening effects may be minimal but it whitens as you continually use it.


The refreshing fragrance of this flower helps your skin fresh and pleasant.
Prior to World War II, we expanded our sales to oversea countries, mainly to China and the surrounding areas such as Indonesia and the Philippines, and recorded the highest export volume of beauty soaps in our industry. — Mr Narajiro Miyazaki

Read more about the founder:

Where to buy?

Daikoku Drug
Matsumoto Kiyoshi
Cosme Store
Cosmos Drugstore

(You can buy them to any drugstores in Japan)

Price: ¥88

This bar soap may last for more than a month (with 2-3x of use a day) is absolutely affordable.

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