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Kawabaru Nature Park Campsite

Discover Miyazaki-Shi Japan’s great nature by camping here.

At this time, I and my husband decided to go camping for the first time in our life. To go camping is a great way to immerse yourself in Japan’s natural & great landscapes as far as the budget travel is concerned you must try Miyazaki-Shi. It suits your budget at a super low cost. Camping in the countryside of Miyazaki City, Japan is simple yet wonderful. If you’re travelling by tent or campervan then you will definitely see the wonders of nature in this place and take advantage of the beautiful (onsen) or hot springs around the city. We spent the whole day relaxing, eating, playing and enjoying the breathtaking view of Kawabaru Nature Park. Though we struggled a lot that we didn’t even know to calm the breezy wind that kept on disturbing us while cooking. That was a very funny and enjoyable experience for us. You should try it too!

Kawabaru Natural Park
TEL: 0983-32-4727

Struggling is real! Welcome to Kawabaru Natural Park in Miyazaki-Shi Japan 
Don’t forget to bring some tools for cooking!

Camping is very popular in the summer months, especially during school holidays from late July through August or even in Golden week in May.

Preparation Time

  • Plan your camping ahead to have longer preparation!
  • Think of the things that you want to bring!
  • Hygiene kit!
  • Have some checklists on what kind of food you’re about to cook!
  • Please wear sneakers and comfortable outfit, not a dress, please!
  • Enjoy and be positive!
  • Have Fun!

Here is my video for my first vlog experience!

This place is so great! You must try it.

Our food looked so messy and not so delightful because of the strong wind that hindered our way while preparing but when we tasted it. Oh, Mamamiah! It was so delicious! Our first camping was a fail attempt but we learned a lot of things. It urged us to try it once again. Camping is super fun. Believe me!

If you can relate in our camping experience. Please drop us your comment, so I can read it as well.

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