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I’m very fascinated to discover some opportunistic, creative and talented Filipino people in Japan. Planning a small business here takes high risks but if you have this entrepreneurial mind just like them who one day hopes to start a business then this is the right startup organization for you.

Here are some small business success stories that provide insight and learning on how to grow or start your business in Japan.

Meet the Business Arts International Association (BAIA) Founder


BAIA originally came from a group called “MUSIKA”, which stands for “Music in Kagoshima”. I created the group in 2012, intentionally and exclusively for musicians. This year 2021, I added the name BAIA so, it’s now called ” BAIA Musika”. I am a Professional Jazz Artiste for quite a while now and we own a family business called “Lileths Jazzspot”, a jazz bar in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Forming this group, BAIA means meeting new people, building more friendship and meeting needs. I believe that we can improve ourselves by discovering new things and learning new ideas by helping and mingling with others. There are many people out there who are talented nor gifted but don’t know their worth. Through conducting interviews, we can uncover someone’s talent and abilities also assist them to find their passion to live a fulfilling life.

Due to the economic crisis and global pandemic, which greatly affected the lives and resources of many establishments and individuals, including the entertainment industry, BAIA was formed. Out of these needs and demands, it gives birth to new ideas and discovery of many things that would meet and benefit artistes like me, (Professional or non-professional) in the areas of finances and talents/skills. It becomes more effective and helped us promote the business by doing interviews with owners and artists. Interviews are exposures.

They say that no man is an island and we are meant to strengthen and encourage others. Together we can lift each other up. We can build a shelter for the weak.Through friends, we may gain lots of benefits because when you love a friend, it’s just natural to help one another, and it will have a cycle of blessing that will continuously flow.

Ask yourself, is there something that you already love doing?

Hence, the most beautiful people are those who bring out the best and beauty in others.
When you love what you’re doing, you don’t get tired and you feel fun doing it.That’s your passion and you can turn your passion into a business and let it help you financially.

Japanese Translation BAIAはビジネスアーティスト国際協会を意味します。 BAIAはもともと「MusicInKagoshima」の略である「MUSIKA」というグループから来ました。 私は2012年に、ミュージシャンのために意図的かつ排他的にグループを作成しました。 2021年にBAIAという名前を付けたので、現在は「BAIAムシカ」と呼ばれています。 私はかなり長い間プロのジャズアーティストですが、 鹿児島のジャズバー「LilethsJazzspot」という家業を営んでいます。 このグループBAIAを結成するということは、新しい人々と出会い、より多くの友情を築き、ニーズを満たすことを意味します。 新しいことを発見し、他の人を助け、交流することで新しいアイデアを学ぶことで、自分自身を向上させることができると信じています。 才能のある/才能があるが、彼らの価値を知らず、インタビューを行うことを通して、そこに多くの人々がいます、 私たちは誰かの才能や能力を明らかにし、彼らが彼らの情熱を見つけ、充実した人生を送るのを助けることができます。 エンターテインメント業界を含む多くの事業所や個人の生活と資源に大きな影響を与えた経済危機と世界的大流行により、BAIAが設立されました。 このニーズと要求から、それは私のようなアーティストに会い、利益をもたらすであろう多くの新しいアイデアと発見を生み出します、 (専門家または非専門家)財政および才能/スキルの分野。 それはより効果的になり、オーナーやアーティストへのインタビューを行うことでビジネスを促進するのに役立ちました。 インタビューは露出です。 彼らは、誰も島ではないと言い、私たちは他の人を強化し、励まし、そして持ち上げることを意図しています。 友達を愛するとき、お互いに助け合うのは自然なことであり、それは絶えず流れる祝福のサイクルを持っているので、友達を通して、私たちは多くの利益を得るかもしれません。 自問してみてください。あなたがすでに好きなことはありますか? したがって、最も美しい人々は、他の人の中で最高の美しさを引き出す人々です。 自分がしていることを愛するとき、あなたは疲れることなく、それをすることを楽しんでいます。 それがあなたの情熱であり、あなたはあなたの情熱をビジネスに変えて、それがあなたを財政的に助けるようにすることができます。

Ms. Lileth will be launching her new album “Here’s to Life” on Sunday, March 28, 2021 via live. Produced by Ms. Lileth and Shinji Akita.

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Here are some of her performance videos

1. On a Clear Day

On A Clear Day

2. TEDxTalks– She was invited in TEDxtalks in Japan. Please do watch and get inspired by her story.

The Power of Music: Lileth and Emily Furukawa at TEDxSakurajima

Meet the BAIA Business Affiliates


Q1: What’s your story behind BAIA as the startup member of this organization?

Cooking is one of the most enjoyable activities you can share with other people. I love cooking for my friends while talking and laughing with them, so instead of going to restaurants, we just have to gather at their house and cook. I was hesitant at first, but I just thought I’d give it a try and see the outcome.

Q2: How was your first BAIA Fair experience on March 12, 2021?

During the Fair, I was selling some nutty-fudge brownie and brownie on a stick. I’m still new in the world of business and inexperience. I could say that the preparation was absolutely nerve-wracking, but worth it. Overall it was a great experience. I’m so grateful.

Q3: What is your advice to all startup business owners?

It’s better to try and fail than never tried at all. You would never know, you would never understand, you would never learn unless you are in the situation.


Q1: What made you join this organization?

At first, I join this association only to support the page of Ms Lileth, the founder, but I realized that this is a brilliant idea to have art exposure.

Q2: Where do you get your ideas from your Painting Designs?

I’m a visual artist. I get most of my ideas for new painting series randomly or through some photo references. I love bold colors while letting my heart do the rest of my inspiration.


3. BAIA Gardenette

Q1: Tell us more about you and your story behind BAIA

My name is Liza. I am blessed to know Lileth personally, founder of BAIA. She is like a sister to me. We share support and talk about almost everything-including her plans and dreams. BAIA is one of her plans, designed to benefit and assist artistes, young entrepreneurs and business owners.
I believe BAIA is a platform that will bring us all together and greatly help people find their passion and fulfil their needs.

Personally, BAIA has encouraged, inspired me to start and push through my passion to do my craft and business, and with the support of this group, I know my dream will come true.

I would like to invite, encourage and call out all the business owners and artists, (professional or non-professional ) and those who are in the entertainment industry, to join and support BAIA- this is the group that is perfect for us.

We held our first BAIA FAIR last Friday and it was victorious and successful. We had the opportunity and privilege to work among other people of the same goal, passion and field, it was fun and what a fulfilling experience. Power with good intentions, Lileth ( founder of BAIA) with her team, I believe that as long as we have each other, BAIA will be a success. I am privileged to be a part of and witness this event and I believe its cause and purpose and I will personally support BAIA.


4. BAIA Artisan Handmade with Love

Q1: What made you join BAIA?

Honestly, I wasn’t that interested in any organization or any group here in Japan since you’re taking on a big responsibility, but with BAIA there’s an exemption because the organizer Lileth Furukawa is a good friend of mine, and the other members are so close to my heart namely Neng McMurry, Marilou Iwashige and Liza Hashimoto. Looking at the aim and purpose of BAIA, I think this is something that I can consider.

Q2: What kind of business are you doing in Japan?

I’m making some Handmade With Love Accessories as my presentation in our First BAIA FAIR.

Q3: Where did you get your inspiration from your earring & necklace designs?

I got inspired to do this Handmade with Love Accessories because of the people who supported and believed in me, my BAIA Family. They were the ones who appreciated my works.

Q4: What’s the most difficult part of your work?

For me, the hardest part of being an artisan is how to start everything in the sense that making accessories is highly competitive. You really have to stand out.


5. WATER COLOR ARTIST (Botanical Art & Nature)

Q1: What’s BAIA for you?

I think BAIA can be a stepping stone for inspiring entrepreneurs/artist for turning passion into a business while building one’s confidence.

Q2: What made you join this organization?

I have been thinking about joining a fair where I can display my paintings, but I was uncertain about it that my Japanese skills are still very much beginner level. When I was asked to join the BAIA fair which is organized by fellow Filipino, I took it as an opportunity. I’m really pleased because they were there to help me out with the Japanese customers.

Q3: Where do you get your inspiration from your Painting Designs?

I have always been fond of flowers, so when I found out about botanical arts, I dived into it and kept myself busy learning the different techniques on how to achieve a realistic-looking flower.

Q4: What’s the most difficult part of a painting for you?

The right time to paint. As a mom, I just need to be everywhere and do a lot of things, therefore finding the perfect time was the most difficult part of it.

Q5: Tell us more about your painting inspiration

I’m a minimalist. I try to have only a minimal subject but at the same time making an impact on the viewers. When I paint, I always start with a prayer. It keeps me inspired all throughout the process.

Q6: What adjectives would you use to describe your artwork?

Simple yet Elegant.


If you wish to join this organization, please feel free to add them on Facebook and get ready to turn your passion into a business.

Special Thanks to all BAIA Startup Business Owners in Japan.

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