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True Love Waits

Our love story began when our paths crossed but never had a chance to meet. That’s when he attended the English Day and saw me performing the song “Thinking Out Loud”, on stage. He then told himself “Wow!” “I liked her voice, How I wished to have her as my GF”. Those words kept on churning in his head.
That was his first week of studying English in Cebu as he had planned to stay for a year while it was my last day at work.

5 months later (November 2015), our paths crossed again, I was invited by my friends to watch a movie at SM Cebu City. I was so surprised seeing some Japanese students hanging out with them. There’s this guy who just stared at me ( he thought, “Oh she’s so cute and pretty) and he said “Hi”, and my mind also spoke, “Oh, he’s cute but not my type”. Ah, erase! erase! I don’t like Japanese the fact that I’ve had a relationship with a Japanese guy before, but just cheated on me. NOt just once, twice but thrice. I was truly heartbroken when I met him.

After introducing ourselves, I and my friends went to Karaoke and there, we had a chance to get to know each other more while having a deep conversation. That’s when I knew that I was the girl whom he saw on English Day. I felt overwhelmed.
When I went back home, I checked my phone and suddenly got a notification on Facebook. When I opened it, oh! It was from Takato, so I added him right away. After a few minutes, I got a message from him. He told me, “thanks for accepting my friend request. I’m very happy. I hope to see you again”. Do you have any plans for tomorrow?
And that was our first date until he expressed his real feelings to me. We became a couple for a day but then broke up on the following day since I don’t feel any affections towards him. He’s going back to Japan anyway and he’ll just forget about me just like my ex. That’s what my mind said.
One night, I called him, Please forget about me. You deserve someone better. We are not meant to be. I’m not suitable for you. You’re too young for me. You’re not my type. While I was talking to him, he cried silently, but I could hear him crying. Honestly, It hurts me when He said, “I love you and Age doesn’t matter to me”. I will only love you. Please give me a chance to love you and show my true intentions for you. I was touched by his sincerity. It’s my first time to encounter a man who has fallen in love with me so dearly. His words were so powerful it kept playing in my head. I asked God, why am I feeling this way? I feel that I don’t want to lose this guy. Then I remembered my old dream about a tall man with white skin and cute tiny eyes. I realized that It was him, so before he went back to Japan. I had decided to give him a chance.

He courted me for a year and never gave up even after so many rejections. He’s not the typical Japanese that ignore their girlfriend while working. He always made time for me and called me every day. He even sent some videos and photos of his everyday life.

We were separated by distance for 2 and 1/2 years. He came to visit me once a year. That was a very tough relationship. When you meet for 3 days and said goodbye. From then on, I don’t want to go to the airport and send someone you love. It’s pretty hard though. Meeting every year had become our constant date schedule. On his 2nd visit, he prepared a longer trip for both us. We travelled to 4 countries in just a month Japan, Hongkong, Macau and our last destination were Taiwan. That was the most heartbreaking and the most unforgettable moment we have ever experienced. First is that he proposed to me in Taiwan and told me that I don’t want to be separated again. I want to be with you forever. I suddenly froze, there’s a part piece of my heart & mind that says “YES” He’s the right man for you. It was indescribable feeling but the heartbreaking part of the trip was saying goodbye again at the airport. I kept looking at him while walking away from the boarding area until I couldn’t see him anymore. So by the time I arrived in Cebu City, he would have flown back to Japan. We both cried and felt pain.

Maybe you’re wondering if true love still exists? Yes, it still exists.
During our 3rd year Anniversary, we got married in Japan Last year March 30th 2019 and got married in the Philippines last August 12, 2019. We are now happily married. Our love story tells about pure love and real love. It also teaches us that LDR relationship is never hard for those people who are deeply madly in love. True love waits. For those single ladies out there. Always remember to know your worth as a woman. You’re as precious as a gem. If a man truly loves you, he’ll do anything to pursue you. Find a man who will treat you as his queen, respect you and love you for who you are.

This amazing love journey taught us with the ff:

  1. God let us know that there’s no perfect relationship, but you can make it perfect in your own little way.
  2. God let us know to not be afraid to give some heavy conditions to your partner, just like what I did to my husband before when he was still courting me. I told him, If you love me, then you have to love my God first. If you want to marry me, then ask the Lord to give me to you or else you won’t ever have me for the rest of your life.
  3. Girls make your guys suffer for you and do a lot of hard work to win you. Jacob waited 14 years before he could be with Rachel (Genesis 29:11).
  4. Women are often to look for men who love them more so that these guys won’t cheat you.

Well, our relationship seems the perfect example of this. Being with unbelievers or not Christian guys, Being with believers or Christian guys are still not enough. The best assurance of forever is to put God at the centre of your relationship or else, your relationship will just lead you into destruction, so If you have a plan to start a family someday. Please choose a partner that can pray for you and can share the Word of God to encourage you, so you can be able to grow your faith together as a wonderful and heavenly made couple. No rush, God still writes the best love stories for you just like what God did to us.

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