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Who would have thought that we could be able to celebrate our wedding anniversary in spite of the pandemic that the world is facing right now? Thanks to my loving hubby who planned for a private celebration in a private hotel at IL MOLE Resort Hotel in Taniyama, Kagoshima City.

Address: 〒891-0122 Kagoshima, Nanei, 1-chōme−8−1

〒891-0122 鹿児島県鹿児島市南栄1丁目8−1
〒891-0122 鹿児島県鹿児島市南栄1丁目8−1

IL Mole is a Western-style restaurant that reminds me of a Tropical Resort Vibe in Thailand, Bali and in the Philippines. They really brought here the South East Asian Hotel only at Kagoshima City Japan. They also have an open garden terrace where you can feel the breezy fresh air outside. The price ranges to 1200-10,000 Yen. It’s very affordable and reasonable price with a very professional chef and staff. Their food presentation was very spectacular. You will surely love it with grace and love. The taste was absolutely great. I will surely come back here again.

More Information:

Lunch Time: 11:30-14:00

Dinner: 17:30-21:00 (Open Daily)

Contact them: ilmole.amaminosato.jp/

You can call them for reservations: Telephone Number 099-260-4300

This Garden Resort is good for lunch, dinner, or even a party with your family, friends and colleagues. They also prioritized the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus infection by taking intervals between tables and providing hand sanitizers.

Special Message for my husband: May God be with us for many more anniversaries to come in our lives. Our home has been blessed with joy and sadness. It’s one year already, but it feels like we’ve been married yesterday. It has been a tough year for us, but God didn’t let us down. The success of our marriage isn’t in our hands but in Jesus’. Thank you for always making me feel loved.

To God be all the glory!

“However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.” Ephesians 5:23

We had 2 Wedding Anniversaries since we got married in Japan and in the Philippines.

Philippine Wedding Date: August 12, 2019

Japanese Wedding Date: March 30, 2019

I’m sorry for the late update on this celebration. This was written on August 12, 2020, last year, but just published today 1/18/2021 due to my hand injury.

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