Cosmos is the Autumn Cherry Blossom in Japan

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In Japan most people called these flowers as Akizakura or the Autumn Cherry Blossom since they both shared with the same shades of white and pink just like the real Sakura, but these cosmos flowers that I’ve seen have various colors including orange, golden yellow, red, purple and white color as well. They look very fantabulous as you can see them from a far or up closed, so I would highly recommend to visit Ikoma Plateau or Ikomakougen if you’re planning to see some cosmos and enjoy the over 100,000 different cosmos flowers in the country.

When we joined the Cosmos Festival last 2018, we experienced the 3,000 fireworks and a million cosmos with candle lights. They also invited some local singers and other artists to entertain the people. Aside from that, they were also urging some photographers to join their Cosmos Photography Contest. It was very unforgettable moment for me since it was my first time to witness the festival.

On this 2021 upcoming Cosmos Festival here at ikomakougen, safety measures against coronavirus will surely be imposed.


Google map: 8565 Minaminishikata, Kobayashi, Miyazaki 886-0005

These flowers embrace love, peace and harmony. Some people call them as miracle flowers or even medicinal flowers that treated “malaria” in the ancient times.

Here are the colourful Cosmos Flowers at Ikoma Plateau:

Orange & Golden Yellow Cosmos

They are often called as sulfur cosmos because of the golden yellow colour. They can grow up to 3 to 6 feet depending on the location.

Pink Cosmos

They are Cosmos Sensation Mixed that looked like daisy flowers. They bloom from fall or even summer at times.

Purple Cosmos

Apollo Purple Pink with the touch of elegance and sincerity.

Red Cosmos

They are called Gazebo Red with a medium-sized velvety red flower.

White Cosmos

These are the Purity Flowers known as the genuine flowers of all season.

Please share your Cosmo Flower Experience as well!


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