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Life in Japan


BAIA means meeting new people, building more friendship and meeting needs. I believe that we can improve ourselves by discovering new things and learning new ideas by helping and mingling with others. There are many people out there who are talented nor gifted but don’t know their worth. Due to the economic crisis and global pandemic, which greatly affected the lives and resources of many establishments and individuals, including the entertainment industry, BAIA was formed. Out of these needs and demands, it gives birth to new ideas and discovery of many things that would meet and benefit artistes like me, (Professional or non-professional) in the areas of finances and talents/skills. It becomes more effective and helped us promote the business by doing interviews with owners and artists. Interviews are exposures.
Life in Japan

Cosmos is the Autumn Cherry Blossom in Japan

I would highly recommend to visit Ikoma Plateau or Ikomakougen if you're planning to see these Cosmos Flowers, Akizakura or the Autumn Cherry Blossoms in Kyushu to enjoy the over 100,000 cosmos flowers in the country.
Life in Japan

Recommended Cherry Blossom Viewing in Kyushu

Japanese Cherry blossoms are a shade of pale pink, white, or even dark pink. They usually bloom in the wild. It always feels like you're in a fantasyland. The most awaited time of the year in Spring is the Cherry blossom viewing in Japan. We call it "Hanami".
Life in Japan


How hard is it to live in Japan as a foreigner? There are many factors of living in Japan that is absolutely great and not so great at the same time. However, wherever you go, whatever you do, nowhere is a perfect country. We all encounter different challenges in life that mould us to be the best version of ourselves.
Life in Japan

6 Numbers to Call in case of Emergency in Japan

Japan is absolutely clean and safe, with one of the lowest crime rates in the world but you should always remember that Japan is very prone to disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami and typhoon, so it is very vital to be prepared at all times. Here is some useful information that you must know when you live in Japan.
Life in Japan

24 Inspiring Quotes About COVID-19 Japan Life in 2021

In this time of the pandemic, it's you who will decide what you are going to do in any given situations. Your thoughts and your emotions determine your actual actions. It all starts within you. Here are some Inspirational Quotes about Life that I made while living in Japan. This will help you grow in this time of crisis. These motivational quotes of the day that will surely uplift your life while facing all the possibilities in life. Recharge your thinking! Recharge your life!
Life in Japan


The Japanese hydrangea usually blooms in the rainy season from the beginning of June to mid-July. The rainy season in Japan is really terrible it's like a storm in the Philippines that's why I don't like rainy days, but because of Ajisai or hydrangea flower, the whole areas of Japan are becoming more colourful with different shades of blue, pink, purple and white just as springtime. I have so much fun seeing these flowers. It made me fall in love with the rain.
Life in Japan

5 Best Affordable Japanese Skin Care Products 2021

When I started to live in Japan, everything is pretty new to me the shopping areas, malls, restaurants, beauty salon, etc. I don't even know where to go and what to buy especially for my skincare routine. I was really hoping that I could be able to read some few English words but Nah! everything is written in Japanese. I then decided to have a trial shopping alone.
Life in Japan


Camping in the countryside of Miyazaki City, Japan is simple yet wonderful. If you're travelling by tent or campervan then you will definitely see the wonders of nature in this place and take advantage of the beautiful (onsen) or hot springs around the city. We spent the whole day relaxing, eating, playing and enjoying the breathtaking view of Kawabaru Nature Park.
Life in Japan


I have been using this soap for almost 6 months now since my skin is pretty sensitive that I couldn't try some other brands but this. Honestly speaking, I was very amazed by this product. Highly recommended soap for sensitive skin like me. It’s cheap but a great natural bar soap. This is the best soap with natural ingredients at a very affordable and decent price compared with any other natural product.
Life in Japan

Our First Romantic Wedding Anniversary in Japan

Who would have thought that we could be able to celebrate our wedding anniversary inspite the pandemic that the world is facing right now.
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